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My Philosophy (B Side - I have put what I consider less good or important here. (but didn't want to just delete))

  1. The ideas presented here are all preliminary. I am just working them out. This B Side is consists of ideas I have not worked out as well - or may kjust not be good ideas. I did not want to delete them, so I moved theme here - off my main page. I prefer to work pout my ideas on web pages, as they have a greater persistence than email. I hope to get feedback and have been sending emails with links to these web pages. I hope to be able to improve them from feedback that I could not with just email (without the persistence), or publication in a journal (where I would for the most part have to produce a final product before getting feedback). Also, I realize I haven't been 100% consistent with my notation. This is partly due to the fact that the ideas are just being worked out and also a faulty memory. Also is the using of names compatible with prolog. But I think the intent is generally clear. I also realize I haven't given as full of citations as perhaps I should - and I hope to eventually go over everything and remedy this. But it is hard for me sometimes to get my ideas down before I forget them, so much of my writing is done in a hurry!
    In the initial work I did, I used Microsoft Word, so I had a spell checker, however, due to problems it had with special (logic) symbols, I switched to a different HTML editor, which did not have spell checking. Now I have the GNU tool Aspell working under cygwin to do it.
    Links to Pages made with Word are indicated by (W) at the end of link those using the HTML Editor are indicated by (H) at the end of the link.
    I am now (1/3/2011) - staring to convert most to the HTML editor. The rest I am moving here.
  2. Ideas toward a practical philosophy(H)
  3. Opacity Revisited(H)I(Added April 23, 2009)
  4. Some background information. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on 'incomplete symbols'.
  5. My thoughts on the nature of analysis(H).
  6. Effort to work my ideas in modal logic out systematically.
    1. My Definitions(H).
  7. Second Effort to work my ideas in modal logic out systematically.
    1. My Definitions - On a simplifying assumption(H).
    2. My Definitions - second try(H).
    3. Some thoughts(H).
    4. A critique of this approach to Modal Logic(H)(added April 20, 2008)
  8. Carnap and others on the naming relation: Carnap on Naming.(W)(revised December 18, 2007)
  9. Individual dispositions and social meaning(H) (added June 9, 2008)
  10. On Symbolic Ambiguity.(W)
  11. On Meaning, Belief, Types and Nonsense.(W) (revised December 18, 2007)
  12. On Substances, Naming, Essences and Meaning(H) (added July 25, 2008)
  13. On the Past and the Future(H) (added July 28, 2008)
  14. On Experience of Objects.(H) (added July 29, 2008)
  15. A Question about HOL and incompleteness(H) (added July 30, 2008
  16. A Another Question about HOL(H) (added July 31, 2008
  17. On Landini on Russell and Wittgenstein on Belief.(W)
  18. On Scientific Laws and Our Knowledge of Them(W)(added January 20, 2008)
  19. On 'is' and 'ought'(W) (added January 28, 2008)
  20. On Ethics(W)(added May 8, 2008)
  21. On Talking about Symbolism.(W)(revised December 18, 2007)
  22. How Sensation Language(W) is Possible.
  23. More on Intension.(revised December 19, 2007)
  24. This is not a sentence. Sentence?
  25. Note on the Nature of Mind(W)
  26. On Necessity.(revised December 19, 2007)
  27. On Conditionals, Causation and Necessity. (added January 11, 2009)
  28. On Kripke.(revised December 19, 2007)
  29. Quotations on Scientific Laws.
  30. Discussion of PM Class Notation.
  31. A prologic Dialog.