Homepage of Dennis J. Darland's Index to Open Source Software Documentation

Consult the documentation in each document or distribution for any restictions on its use.

  1. Standard ML

    1. Programming in Standard ML '97 - An On-line Tutorial
    2. Polyml Documentation
    3. Standard ML of New Jersey Documentation
  2. Isabelle

    1. Isabelle
    2. The Isabelle System Manual
  3. Snobol and Icon

    1. There are corrigendae for a number of books here
    2. Origin of Snobol
    3. On Spitbol
    4. The Icon Newsletter
    5. The Icon Analyst
    6. Interview with Ralph and Madge Griswold
    7. Much Info I hear - but not free - I don't get it
    8. Old Info on snobol4