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Consult the documentation in each distribution for any restrictions on its use.

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For Links to Open Source Software Documentation (in many cases the documentation also has links with the software itself below) Open Source Software Documentation
  1. Open Source Operating Environments

    1. Linux - A unix like Operating System
    2. Ubuntu Linuc
    3. SUSE Linux
    4. Cygwin - A unix like environment under Windows
  2. Open Source Programming Languages

    1. Experimental APL interpreter
    2. Bertrand - The first Constraint Programming Language
    3. For bertrand see also My Software Projects
    4. Bertrand - doxygen generated documentation
    5. Eiffel (looks interesting)
    6. Icon
    7. Common Lisp
    8. maxima - a computer algebra system
    9. polyml implementation of Standard ML
    10. Standard ML of New Jersey
    11. OPS5
    12. Swi-Prolog
    13. Ruby
    14. For russell see also My Software Projects
    15. Russell - doxygen generated documentation
    16. Snobol
    17. Unicon
    18. For wild_life see My Software Projects
    19. Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters
  3. Open Source Tools

    1. doxygen Documentation Generator
    2. splint - free lint
    3. Isabelle Logic Theorem Proving Tool
    4. The Archive of Formal Proofs [in Isabelle]
    5. GNU Emacs
    6. GNU TeXmacs
      I had to do a little experimenting with it. I cannot yet print directly. It tried to print postscript even though I have ghostscript installed. (This is under cygwin and the cygwin version of TeXmacs - I haven't installed it under Linux). I did however export to HTML and print that. My main interest is using it for HTML anyway.
    7. Ruby on Rails - A Web Framework
    8. Bluefish Editor
      An Editor for HTML and many programming languages.
    9. LibreOffice.org
    10. OpenOffice.org
    11. AbstractSpoon ToDoList
  4. See also My Software Projects