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  1. Computer A - Development System:
    Operating System:
    1. 64 bit Ubuntu Linux 14.04
    2. 64 bit openSUSE Linux Leap 42.1
    3. 64 bit Windows 10
  2. Languages I once had, but no longer have
  1. Generally I have installed for use what is distributed with the OS - unless it is not distributed with the OS.
  2. I obtained the source for doxygen in most cases from the home page of the language in question, and not necessary the same release that I have installed to use.
  3. They are all either public domain or open source - except Maple. And I think for bertrand, russell and wildlife it was only stated that any non-profit use was OK.
  4. doxygen was particularly difficult to run on the gnu compiler collection. I made a special directory and eliminated many parts - particularly libraries.
  5. I believe Wild Life and russell are only here.
  6. bertrand is in Git, I think, but I had to obtain the files individually there.
  7. I've worked a great deal on Life over the years. Currently in Ubuntu. The last I released (2.24) also worked ok in 64 bit openSUSE & 64 bit cygwin.
    I have discovered splint and used it & improved the code (2.26), but have more to do on it.
  8. I'm working on porting russell from c to unicon in Ubuntu. I do not have great expectations, but I enjoy the work as long as I do not overdo it.