Quantum Pinball Help
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  2. Click Launch to release a ball (There are 5 per game).

  3. Click Trigger to activate the paddles[make an observation]. The paddles are Green when activated[red when not active]. There is a minmium delay between activations.

  4. There are 2 bumpers in the middle and 2 paddles - one on each side. The bumpers are always avtive[green]

  5. There are verically 10 wave representations - for those heights.

  6. Across horizonally, at each height, is represented the probability of the ball being there if an observation is made. If the ball turns out to be at a paddle or bumper it is detected and shows up yellow. A bumper scores 1000. A paddle scores 5500. There is some probabliity the ball may fall through, in which case the waves will disappear.

  7. When the balls left reaches zero, launching a ball starts a new game.

  8. The score and balls left are indicated across the top.

  9. You may vary the value of Planck's constant[h].