Home Page of Java port of Russell Computer Language
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I switched to using BYACC/J. (from Bison)
I had also, briefly, tried Jacc
  1. Sample source files in Russell and output from running Russell on them.
    Eventially the goal is compiling the Russell into C (or possibly java) source code.
    1. Russell source to factorial program
    2. Output from running Russell on fact.r - for now left over from Bison version - this version not producing output yet.
  2. Bison Grammar.
    1. pass1/parser/YYParser_y (BYACC/J Grammar)
  3. Java Files.
    5. stree/
    6. stree/
    7. pass1/parser/Parser_java
    8. pass1/parser/ParserVal_java
    9. pass1/parser/
    10. pass1/applinfer/Mkappl_java
    11. pass1/applinfer/Precedence_java
    12. pass1/scanner/
    13. pass1/stt/
    14. pass5d/