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Principia Mathematica to *56 Part I Section A; reviewing proof notation, Whitehead and Russell 7/7/2017 18:38:007/7/2017 19:33:000 H 52 M38.596% 0 H 0 M0 H 52 M871263912644.3180. H 0 M0.0000
Who Wrote Bertrand Russell's "Wisdom of the West?", Carl Spadoni - U Chicago Press 7/4/2017 19:20:007/4/2017 19:22:000 H 39 M28.947% 0 H 0 M0 H 39 M3493671836727.2720. H 0 M0.0000
Taking Humour [Ethics] Seriously, but Not Too Seriously, David Benatar 8/25/2017 13:28:008/25/2017 14:02:000 H 37 M27.192% 0 H 0 M0 H 37 M2442184229.0320. H 0 M0.0000
Analytics: Russell on Negative facts, Katarina Perovic BRSQ 6/18/2017 19:04:006/18/2017 19:14:000 H 7 M5.2631% 0 H 0 M0 H 7 M101221216.6660. H 0 M0.0000
Overall6/1/2017 13:00:00NA2 H 16 M100.0 %0 H 0 MNA4705477754733.7710. H 0 M0.0000
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I almost always get Kindle when available.
If Audiobook is reasonable I get it in addition to kindle.
In case of [Audible AB] I have audiobook only. Estimates made.
Note: Hours left is based on pages read and time spent.
Days left is based on hours left and average time spent per day.
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Abstract Spoon ToDo List to gather the data.
Then a snobol4 program I wrote to add percentages, averages and html formatting.
The snobol program is HERE.