Mrental Health of Dennis J. Darland
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  2. Mental Health Information
    1. About Chronotypes
    2. I have also read:
      Roenneberg, Till - Internal Time: Chronotypes, Social Jet Lag, and Why You're So Tired
    3. Also see On Sleep
  3. Mental Heath Data
    1. Result of snobol program - Sleep, secondary sleep, exercise and yoga averages
  4. Other Comments
    1. I have found from personal experience that it can be too difficult to get help with mental health problems.
    2. This can be true even when you have insurance and are working.
    3. Apparently this is due to the criteria doctors are forced to use by insurance companies.
    4. Also I offered to pay outside insurance (and I did have enough money) but was still refused care.
    5. Eventually I did get help, but only after deteriorating for another couple weeks, and consequently losing my job>.
    6. With mental illness you can totally lose contact with reality, which is very dangerous.
    7. You can be unable to judge this oneself, and tend to conceal it.
    8. In my case it was unrelated to illegal drugs (I have never used them), although I have known of other who have mental health problems who have used drugs.
    9. I know because I obtained my medical records and found out that they test for that when you are hospitalized.
    10. I, myself, suspected I had been drugged, but the tests were negative.
    11. I, out of fear, had stopped eating and drinking anything.
    12. I had to be treated in ICU for dehydration before being transferred to mental health unit.
    13. I did have some trouble with beer many years ago, but had not been drinking either in these cases.
    14. They test for that also, and that was also negative.
    15. I have a fictionalized account and redacted scan of my medical records online.
    16. I would consider requests for passwords to access these, to people I know who have an interest or doubt.
    17. My main point is that it should be easier for the mentally ill, in crisis, to get help.
    18. One of the biggest signs to me of my mental health is how well I am sleeping
    19. Also I have memory problems
    20. This is nothing new - I have had the problem for many years.
    21. I think a lot of my memory problems are due to anxiety.
    22. I just finished Daniel Goleman'e Emotional Intelligence, which says that anxiety can affect memory.
    23. Throughout school I learned very few classmates names.
    24. I also seldom knew coworkers names.
    25. I could learn concepts and apply logic however. - so I could do math or physics OK
    26. But I cannot remember numbers (say even a phone number), or a short list of words.
    27. When programming I get so absorbed that I loose all track of time.
    28. I forget to eat, sleep and take medicine on time (though it is extremely rare to miss any doses altogether)
    29. I also start making stupid mistakes after I get tired.
    30. I set up 2 alarm clocks today (9/2/2015) (they only have 1 alarm time each - but I already had them) - to remind me to take medicine.
    31. I am also trying to keep up my physical exercise etc.
    32. See also Free Online Courses I am in the Process of Taking
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