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Philosopher at Large
Programmer At Large
Physicist At Large (Not Really - though I have a B.A. and know some)
Psychologist At Large (Not Really - though I have read a lot - especially on the philosophy of psychology)
Philanthropist At Large(Well, I give more (%) than the average in the top in 20% income.
Also more (%) than the bottom 20% in income (About where I fall) - a stronger statement.)
Prosopagnosic at Large
Actually I just have a very hard time learning names & faces - I can learn them with enough time.
Also, there was one is season 6 episode 6 of rizzoli & isles.
My Website Revision Plan
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I am working to improve my web site. If something is not working properly, probably I just have not got to it yet. Try again in a few days. If you wish, report it at the e-mail address above.

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Pertaining to Dennis J. Darland

  1. Brief Biography
  2. The Eclectic Philosopher
  3. The Philosophical Programmer
  4. My Software Projects
  5. "True laws can only be expressed in differential equations." - Bertrand Russell - Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits, Page 166.
    My differential equation program (promoted to front page)
  6. My Almost Theorems
  7. My Library and Current Studies
  8. My Entertainment
  9. My WordPress Blog - Dennis' Daze
  10. Records on my physical health - nutrition, weight, sleep, exercise and labs
  11. Notes on my mental health

Bertrand Russell Society (BRS) Links

(I am currently Vice President/Electronic Projects and was Treasurer for 27 years)
  1. The Bertrand Russell Society (BRS)
  2. Drew BRS Site - additionally contains links to writings by and about Bertrand Russell
  3. BRS Facebook page
  4. The BRS Forum (read only without login)
  5. BRS Library (members only)
  6. The Bertrand Russell Society Newsletter Archives
    which I administer as VP/EP, BRS (BRS membership required - email me for a password if you are a BRS member.)
  7. Papers Presented at the Annual Meetings
  8. IL Statute on Non-Profits

Mainly Collections of links I find handy

  1. The News
  2. Sports
  3. My Favorite Open Source Software
  4. My Favorite (non-open source) Software
  5. On Erich Fromm (My favorite psychologist)
  6. Some of My Favorite Quotes
  7. Humor on the Web
  8. Some Blogs (I mostly like) on the Web
  9. Information (mostly videos on) Physics
  10. Videos on Economics
  11. Music
  12. Misc Handy Links
    My most popular link seems to be the list of exceptions to 'i' before 'e' except after 'c'.
  13. Other Dennis Darlands (on the Web)
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